PAR 4 - HCP 7

   403   365   356      

A par 4, 403 yards. A demanding opening hold, a pond to the left and trees to the right, a good drive and you'll have a mid-iron into this kidney-shaped green that slopes from the back to front. Use more club than you're thinking because of the elevation.


PAR 4 - HCP 17

   281   267   237      

A short, but tricky par 4 hole, positioning an iron off the tree will leave you with a short wedge in, and hopefully, will keep you out of the trees. Most long hitters will find it hard to resist trying to drive the green. Birdie here is a possibility.


PAR 4 - HCP 15

   341   275   269      

It's a tight straightaway hole, again you may want to keep the driver in the bag and the ball on the short grass. This green is slightly elevated and is guarded by two bunkers. Stay in the fairway here and you can score.


PAR 5 - HCP 1

   503   445   441      

A three-shot hole, with out-of-bounds down the left side. As you approach the second shot, look left and you will see markers that inform how far it is to the directional flag. Your approach shot to the green has to be precise. You are shooting over a gully to a green 30 yards below your feet and trouble all around.


PAR 3 - HCP 9

   124   111   105      

This hole is built on the side of the hill to your right and drops quickly to the left. On the green is the only safe way to par.


PAR 4 - HCP 5

   411   381   326      

This is a straight, uphill par four. A good drive will leave you with a mid-iron to this generous green.


PAR 4 - HCP 11

   325   307   249      

This hole is a tight dogleg left. Lay up with a long iron to the bend and try to hit this green with a short iron. Once on the green, you will still have some work left to secure par.


PAR 5 - HCP 3

   534   435   430      

On this straightaway hole, you must avoid a large tree on the right side of the fairway off the tee. The fairway trap down the right side seems to attract stray second shots, avoid the trap and you will have a pitch to the green.


PAR 3 - HCP 13

   202   185   141      

This is a very demanding hole. Your tee shot goes over a ravine, hopefully, to a receptive green that will give up some pars.


PAR 4 - HCP 6

   298   280   275      

Dogleg to the left. You will want to hit your tee shot between 170 and 190 yards in the middle of the fairway, to the landing area near the directional flag. Your second shot must go through a chute of trees and over the same ravine you went over on the preceding hole. This is strictly placement, so be conservative from the tee.


PAR 3 - HCP 16

   139   123   111      

This is a nice short shot to a big green. Take three here and go to the next tee happily!


PAR 5 - HCP 10

   457   427   397      

This is a beautiful hole. Your first shot off this elevated tee will head downhill onto a rolling fairway. Before you tee off, look about 15 yards behind the tee next to the cart path and you will see what remains of a one-room schoolhouse. A good tee shot here will put you into position ot reach this green in two. Favor the left center of this fairway.


PAR 4 - HCP 12

   306   299   250      

Another uphill par four. Your tee shot must carry to the top of a steep hill, so if you don't get the driver up in the air quickly, you may be better off using a 3 or 4 wood off the tee. Bigger hitters will only have pitch shots to this green, so a birdie may be a possibility.


PAR 4 - HCP 2

   384   352   341      

You are well above the fairway when you tee up to this hole. A good straight drive is a must as this fairway starts wide and narrows as it approaches the green. There are trees on your right and a small pond on the left and in front of the green.


PAR 4 - HCP 8

   225   200   184      

This hole is short but very demanding. There are bunkers guarding the front, which you must carry if you intend on driving the green. The green slopes severely from right to left and two putting is not an easy task. Stay a little left of the pin to have a shot up the slope of the slope of the green.


PAR 4 - HCP 4

   451   401   351      

After you hit your tee shot, go visit the natural spring that is just off the fairway to the left about 50 yards, but no fishing! A good tee shot will put you into position to reach the elevated green, but don't stray right or left. There are patches of pine trees that eat golf balls.


PAR 3 - HCP 18

   153   142   123      

From the back tees, this hole has a 153 yard shot downhill to a receptive green. Par here is a good score.


PAR 4 - HCP 14

   278   258   228      

This is an uphill dogleg to the left onto a narrow green. A well-placed tee shot will give you a short shot in. Bigger hitters will try to drive the green, but be wary - there is a lot of trouble around this green built on the side of a hill.