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In the Kitchen with Big Al and Mimi

Spring Valley Family Cooking to Start and End the Day

Today at Spring Valley Golf in Lodge in Mercer, PA we are getting ready for a lodge dinner. There are many things that go into preparing for a fabulous homecooked dinner. It is a Saturday mid afternoon and the kitchen is scorching hot. Tonight we are having steak, baked potato, and a full salad bar. Everyone has a certain job but I try to make things as easy as possible and get things ready whenever I have time throughout the day. I make a list to make sure I don’t forget anything. I start with cutting up the veggies for the salad. This take the most time and we try to do this as a team to get it done. It’s almost dinner time and the baked potatoes are done and ready to be eaten with lots of butter and sour cream. Papa is cooking mouth watery steaks on the grill and the smell is filling up the club house. The steaks are cooked to everyones liking and I love when Papa cooks and extra steak for me.

Welcome to Spring Valley Golf and Lodge, in Mercer, PA were everyone is family. We always want you leaving with a mouth-watering bite to eat and a cold, refreshing drink to satisfy your thirst. We take pride in serving our customers our homemade food! From hot dogs to steaks, we want our food at Spring Valley to be memorable for our golfers and guests.

Homemade Family Food

I’ve taken my love for cooking to a whole new level when I started learning the family favorite recipes from Mimi. Having these recipes written down, and in my head, means a lot to me because I am able to keep them alive and share them with the next generation in our family as well as our guests. Sometimes, I even like to throw a little bit of this and a little bit of that together to make the recipe my own.

From fresh cut fries and sandwiches to hot breakfast buffets, our family favorites can help you get fueled up for the day! Stay tuned for new recipes throughout the summer from in the kitchen with Big Al and Mimi.

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