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Women’s Golf Etiquette Tips

We ladies know both common courtesy and common sense, and that is what golf etiquette is all about so it’s easy for us to practice. At Spring Valley Golf and Lodge, there are a few principles we would like to touch on as a reminder, including:

Respect Your Fellow Golfers

Do all you can to keep the pace of play. It’s no fun to be out on the course for hours and hours, so strive to “play ready golf”, keep quiet when it is someone else’s turn and don’t hit into the group in front of you.

Respect the Golf Course

Keep golf carts away from tees and greens, make sure you repair divots and ball marks and I like to always clean up after the group in front, including broken tees and trash. Leave the course better than you found it.

Respect Tradition

Yes golf is an old sport that we can play when we are 6 and still be playing at 85, so the sport is steeped in history and tradition. How well you play is less important than how you behave while you play.
I’d suggest no profanity, however, that’s a one hard for many to follow! But we all know how frustrated we can get at this game. Mainly, sportsmanship and courtesy are the most important.

Remember, be sure to remember to:

  • Wear proper attire
  • Keep quiet
  • Use cart paths
  • Shout fore
  • 5 minutes to find your ball
  • Repair divots
  • Control your emotions
  • Last player who scored best has honors
  • Avoid slow play

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