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  • How do we all pick out what golf ball to use? Most golfers go with a color they like or the name they are most familiar with. This is not necessarily the worst way to pick a ball, (that’s how I pick my horses) but if you give it a little thought, you could get 5 more yards out of your drive. 
  • After carefully searching web sites and directories on golf balls, there is a clear winner for those of us not on the circuit. Bridgestone e-6 soft and the Bridgestone e-6 speed. I know, really lame name, but Bridgestone is what Tiger plays and I wanna be the next Tiger Woods, don’t you? As the name stated the soft ball is for spin and control around the green and the speed ball is for longer distance (ie: those 5 yards we discussed) These golf balls are also priced right. So if you find one of mine on the course, you are welcome to give it a try. After that I’m sure you’ll want to stop in at Spring Valley’s pro shop for a dozen or two. 
  • Golf balls for the advanced player cost way more and they would include Titleist Pro V1x and others like the Bridgestone Tour b rx. Up to more than $50.00 a dozen, you can also purchase these balls in the pro shop at Spring Valley. They have a high performance core that gives you extra yards and control around the greens. If you do find any of these on the course, know for sure they do not belong to me and give them a try. 
  • Advise to you…..                                                                                                                      find the right price, like the look and use the ball that fits your needs. 
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