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Spring is here! Spring is here!! Spring is here!!!

Plant grass. Cut grass, play golf, Yaaaa, bullcrap!!! We have ordinary people performing as super hero’s, whether they want to or have to. Americans taking care of each other, A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL!!!

Really though, Spring is here and it’s been one of the nicest that we have had for quite a while. You have washed your car, windows & house. Heck, you probably even washed the dogs house. Your mower is in perfect shape and the yard looks great. The garage, wow does it look good. Well what are you going to do now?

Golf. Sorry, we can’t yet. But you can get ready. Scrub up those clubs and have new grips put on. Clean out your golf bag and throw away those shabby balls. Umbrella, old glove, rain suit, and that ratty old wind shirt-GONE. Use your stimulus $ and treat yourself! Visit your local golf shop, we will be glad to see you and we can talk golf.

Don’t forget to get your body ready for the season. Stretch, exercise and walk. I hear walking is good for you. I personally think walking is overrated, I drive a cart everywhere and my belly only gets a little bigger every year. One exercise I would recommend is bicep curls. You don’t want your friends making fun of you when you can’t keep up at the 19th hole.

You can definitely practice your short game. Set up a mini course in the house. You can chip and putt from room to room. I bet that you need some new lamps anyway you need permission, email me at and I will send you a note. It’s as good as a Dr’s excuse. If you cannot play inside you can always chip in your yard. I saw one of those window companies at your neighbor’s house, so if you shank one, they won’t be cold for long.

See ya soon,


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