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Birds of Spring Valley

Have you ever see an Osprey? If you haven’t come and play around of golf at Spring Valley Golf and Lodge in Mercer, PA. On hole number 2 we have an Osprey nest on top of the towers in the field to the left of the tee boxes. Osprey love to hunt for fish and normally nest near water. Their wingspans can be up to 6ft and they have a white belly. These birds are protected and very neat to see. Osprey’s are majestic birds that always come back to their nests every year. They lay around 4 eggs a year with an incubation period of around 40 days. Come see these “fish hawks” gliding through the year looking for their next meal. These birds are always in action and look smaller then they are. If you are lucky enough to spot one take a second to enjoy mother nature and these unique birds.
You probably have heard about an eastern bluebird but what people might not realize that population of bluebirds have been hurt because of the destruction and competition of the habitats, but this bird is a low concern of distinction. The eastern blue bird is about the third of the size of a robin and the males are a very blue with a rusty throat and chest. While the females are a grayish with bluish wings and tail, and an orange-brown chest. These birds like bluebird boxes or old wood pecker holes to nest in. They like to be in grasslands and perch on wires or branches that they are able to scan the ground for pray. They mostly east insects, wild fruit and berry but they could possibly eat salamanders and tree frogs. You will most likely see these beautiful birds on our back 9 in our wildlife area by 14 tees. If you happen to see these birds take a moment to watch how they are always alert and are always looking for their next meal.

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