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I’m betting not many of you are aware of the Hell’s Hollow Honey for sale in the Spring Valley Pro Shop. I’m also betting, most of you have no idea there are Bee Hives located on the back 9 across the road from #17 green. These 3 large hives house the official Spring Valley Bees. TheY are always diligently working (just like all our staff) to produce fabulous, all natural honey for golfer consumption.

The official Bee Keeper of Spring Valley is a great guy affectionately known to us all as “John”.
Doning his bee gear weekly to check on the employees as they buzz and produce their all natural honey. Spring Valley’s Bees are directly influenced by the nearby environment and are known to circle the many garbage cans full of mostly empty beer cans. With that being said, Our Bees give our Honey quite the KICK.

30% of the worlds most common food groups need honeybees for pollination. So bee sure’ Bee Keeper “John” is instrumental in keeping the employees working hard by understanding the behavior and actions that impact their wellbeeing. “John” knows that bees can provide 1/12 a teaspoon of honey in their lifetime (about 6 weeks) and that the colony needs their honey to get thru the winter, so “John” extracts the honeycomb making sure there is plenty left. He then starts the process of removing the honey from the wax combs, lets it settle for a few days’ and then bottles the deliciousness for all the Spring Valley goers to purchase and enjoy.

So next time you visit Spring Valley Golf and Lodge, buy one of Hell’s Hollow Honey Bears and make Bee Keeper “John” BEE HAPPY.

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