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2023 Facility Upgrades – Learn about Spring Valley’s Newest Improvements

At Spring Valley Golf & Lodge, we are dedicated to providing our golfers and guests with the ultimate experience! To continue that mission, we’ve made some great improvements to our facility to create an enjoyable experience while giving back to the environment.

Spring Valley’s New Fruit Trees and Bees!

To contribute to our environment, we’ve planted new orchards featuring apple, pear, peach, cherry, and plum trees. Planting these trees will not only provide us with fresh, sustainable produce, but it also plays a major role in a healthy ecosystem. Fruit trees produce fresh oxygen for cleaner air and also encourage wildlife to thrive!

Our Hell’s Hollow Bee Hives are another environmental initiative to help the bees! Bees are a critical part of our food-growing system as they pollinate around $15 billion worth of crops throughout the U.S., including nuts, fruits, and vegetables. We are able to do our part to sustain the bees through the maintenance of our bee hives. As an additional perk, we produce honey that you can purchase in the Spring Valley Clubhouse!

New Bridges for Safe and Easy Driving on the Course

We’ve also added various new bridges around the property to make it easy and safe for golfers to navigate our course. These new bridges that have been built over the creeks and gullies here at Spring Valley. They have all been updated, inspected, and painted to blend in with the environment.

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